If you're my age, mid-30s, there's a pretty good chance that you've seen the movie Sixteen Candles multiple times; and if you're anything like me, you've probably fantasized about getting a birthday kiss from Jake over cake on the dining room table. Or is that just me?

Well, now that fantasy can become a reality, not with Jake, but with your own guy, when you buy the home that was featured in the movie.  It's not quite how you remember it but should you buy it, you can always choose to repaint your room pink, rehang floral prints on the wall and cover the floors in mustard yellow carpet; it'll just cost you a pretty penny.

According to NBC Chicago, the six bedroom, 4 bathroom home in Evanston is on the market for $1.49 million dollars.

Take a look inside:


You can take a virtual tour of the entire property with agent, Jill Blabolil, with atproperties.

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