Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey was in the WROK studio Thursday morning for his monthly "Ask The Mayor" show, and, as expected, the proposed affordable housing development on the city's East side was the major topic of conversation. Here's a recap of what you might have missed.

Here, the Mayor explains why the proposed housing development is planned on the city's East side and why the New Towne area is a good fit:

Later, the Mayor says he believes after all is complete the New Towne area would be one of the safest in Rockford in part due to the police station to be located directly across the street:

Responding to a listener question, the Mayor makes clear that residents in the proposed New Towne housing development would not be bused in from Chicago:

Mayor Morrissey remains upset at the Winnebago County Board for passing a resolution opposing the development without having all details available. He called on the Board to correct a the resolution regarding the New Towne development:

And in this highlight clip, the Mayor blames lies and inaccuracies spread by some members of the Winnebago County Board for adding to fear and hyperbolic rumors about the New Towne development. He says one member in particular should be ashamed of himself:

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