Sure the Taste of Chicago is deemed the 'World's Largest Food Festival,' but if you're thinking of making the drive this year, you might as well stay at home.

About ten years ago, I loved the Taste of Chicago.

Ok, now I realized how old I am, and I'm gonna change that to 10-15 years ago, because my family always went to the Taste when I was in junior high and high school and it was awesome.

The food was great, the prices were fine, and the fest lasted two whole weeks so you could fit it in you schedule and avoid crazy crowds.

Plus, there were musical acts I've heard of performing.

You remember this video right? We knew Robin Thicke, we knew 'Blurred Lines.'

This year, not so much.

Today, the music schedule was released for this year's Taste, and I've heard of two of the acts, but not well enough to tell you what they sing or play... or if they are a band or one person.

Do you know who BJ The Chicago Kid is?

Then there's the dates of the festival...

Like I said before, the Taste used to be two weeks, now not only has it been shortened to just four days, those days are nowhere near the Fourth of July.

The fest is at Grant Park from July 11 through July 15 this year.

With a shortened fest the lines are just way too long.

So even though I used to love the Taste, this year, and probably every year from now I, I'll stick to all the fun things we have going on in Rockford this summer.

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