It's finally being released almost a full year after it was originally supposed to hit theaters.

Black Widow was supposed to be the next big step in the Marvel Universe. The movie to kick of Phase 4 of the "Master Plan." Then the pandemic happened and the movie was postponed until the second weekend in July. That was bad news then but pretty good news now because it just happens to be the second weekend in July coming up.

In addition to being released in theaters it also is showing up on a pair of drive-ins around the Stateline.

The drive-in slate is considerably less varied this week than what we've seen in the past. There are only 2 different double features playing on the 5 drive-ins within 100 miles of Rockford.

They are:

SkyVu - Monroe, WI AND

Midway Drive-In - Sterling, IL

Both of these venues will be kicking things off with the brand new Marvel movie Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson.

After that the strong female lead theme continues with Disney's Cruella. The 101 Dalmatians origin story starring Emma Stone.

The other three will be bringing the the big hit from last week's slate back and, oddly, pairing it with Boss Baby 2.

All three of these drive-ins:

McHenry Drive In - McHenry, IL AND

RT. 34 Drive-in - Mendota, IL AND

Highway 18 Outdoor Theater - Jefferson, WI

Will all be showing the Alec Baldwin vehicle Baby Boss 2. I'm being honest here. If you've actually seen Baby Boss 1 please let me know.

Followed by F9, the latest installment to the Fast and Furious franchise.

That's the full 4-minute trailer. It should get you all caught up on the previous 8 movies.

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