Good news for Illinois residents, we're not that weird. You can't say that for some other states. 

Full disclosure, I'm always a little wary of these types of maps. I think the research behind them is sketchy at best. That being said. There are some real gems in this map. Let's take a look at some of the highlights.

  • Illinois - Let's start at home. Chocolate Fondue. Not too weird. Pretty romantic. I'm actually proud that's our result.
  • Wisconsin - Fur Coat. This is one of the many results on this map that are very on brand. Good for them not having something cheese related.
  • Washington - Bear Skin Rug. Interesting choice. Am I missing something? Are these things romantic? Are people just renting them? Confusing to say the least.
  • Utah - Conversation Hearts. Possibly the most on-brand result on the map. Utah is probably our least wild state so these little pieces of chalk that are passed on as candy is perfect.
  • Tennessee - Cheap Sex Toys. Hilarious. Only thing better would have been used sex toys.
  • Texas - Plus-Size Lingerie. Everything is just a little bit plus-sized in Texas.
  • Iowa - Tandem Bikes. What? They know it's cold in Iowa in February right?
  • Alabama - Lord Byron Poetry. Probably the most shocking result on the map. I know when I think of 18th century English poets I think Alabama. #RollTide
  • Maine - Robert Burns Poetry. They don't call Maine the Alabama of the Northeast for nothing.

There are a couple other good ones in there (looking at you Oklahoma.) Again I'm not too sure how accurate these are but it sure is a lot of fun to ridicule other states.

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