Okay, I guess trying to get your car started or simply attempting to keep from freezing to death while you're doing that do qualify as "something to try when it's sub-zero in Northern Illinois," as does hoping that your car's door locks don't freeze, and praying that your dog will actually go outside to poop.

However, what I had in mind were things that might actually be fun and interesting. You know, things that will take your mind off of the fact that you can't feel your hands or feet.

As a disclaimer, I'll point out that exposed flesh can freeze in 10-20 minutes outside in our current weather, so be sure to dress warmly and limit your time spent outside.

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Don't let this happen to you. (Getty Images)

Let's Get Started With Something That Won't Take Long At All, But Will Look Really Cool And Be Something You Can Record And Post To Social Media (If You're In To Doing That)

Hand someone a bottle of bubble solution and one of those little bubble wands and regardless of their age, chance are they'll start spreading bubbles all over the place. Try doing that in this weather, and you get an even more interesting effect:

If you've got some adult supervision, you could also try to make yourself some instant snow using boiling water. The conditions have to be right, but looking at our temperatures, it appears we have just the sort of weather needed to do this:

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Getty Images

Many Of Us Spend Frigid Days And Nights In Northern Illinois Inside And Away From The Cold...Eating, So Let's Wrap Up With A Food-Based Sub-Zero Weather Activity

This is another one that will make for great photos or video, and all you'll need to get yourself (assuming you don't already have some in the pantry) are some ramen noodles and a fork (chopsticks make an even better visual). Here's what you do:

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