If you haven't heard the Blackhawk Statue in Oregon is in need of serious repair

There was some grant money set aside for the project, but this being Illinois, the funding has since dried up.

The last estimate given to get the statue back to its previous glory is $500,000.

Now, this isn't a small amount of money but there is an organIzation in Illinois that should have a special interest in preserving the Blackhawk name and tradition that wouldn't have much trouble shelling out half a million dollars.

The Chicago Blackhawks.

This almost makes too much sense.

I know the Hawks have made trips out to Oregon to see the statue, so they're aware of it. That along with the fact that their minor league team is so close to Oregon should make this a pretty easy decision.

The Blackhawks have managed to stay out of the recent movement to remove all Native American imagery from mascots. This would just further cement their dedication to honoring the Indian head on their sweaters.

$500,000 isn't a huge price tag for the good press the team would get for the move.

Rocky Wirtz, this message goes out to you. Your team is struggling right now and your fanbase is thinning out. This would go a long way to build goodwill in your community.

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