I would love to tell you that Illinois took some time and drafted some really good new laws that will really crack down on people who blow through red lights, drive below the speed limit in the left-hand lane, or text while driving.

Yep, I'd really love to tell you that. But, I can't.

I'm not saying that the new laws I'm going to tell you about are not a good idea, but the three I listed above really could use some attention in addition to our other rules of the road.

Red light toon with blank flag isolated on white background
Illinois' red lights should think about surrender. (Getty Images)

Left Lane Cruisers Will Still Cruise, Red Light Runners Will Still Run, And That Person On Their Phone Who Made You Miss A Left Turn Arrow Will Still Be Annoying As Hell In 2023

And, many of the same people that never should've received an Illinois drivers license will still have one and use it--so let's continue to be careful out there, especially around those with a phone in their hand and their eyes on their lap.

I read a piece recently that pointed out that the dangerous habit of being on your smartphone while driving could be pared down significantly with some really big fines for those caught doing it. The writer of the piece proposed a $1,000 fine for the first offense, $2,500 for the second one, and $5,000 with a loss of license for a year on the third offense.

I'm thinking that might be some real deterrence.

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This dude might not have $5,000. (Getty Images)

Illinois' Newest Driving Laws Deal With Car-Jackings, School Zones, And Driver's Education Standards

Let's take a look at the new laws and see what they're about.

    • HB3772-Relief for Victims of Carjackings, Stolen Vehicles: Breaking it down, this law basically means that if your car is car-jacked or stolen and the thief racks up tolls and speeding tickets or your car is impounded, you are not liable for fines and fees afterwards.
    • SB03216-Clarifications to Illinois Vehicle Code: This law is for people with disabilities so they can now get verified for a parking placard from a licensed physical therapist without seeing a doctor.
    • SB03793-School Zone Changes: This law tacks on community service for those failing to stop for a school bus that is letting off passengers or has its stop-sign displayed, and those driving over 20 miles per hour in a school zone.
    • HB04716-Changes to Drivers Education Standards: Public school students who take driver's ed will have to pass the national program that requires more classroom and behind-the-wheel hours to get a license.

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