I just finished reading a piece that talked about the things that annoy, alarm, or freak out truck drivers as they make their way across our country's roads and highways. For example (hat tip to TruckingTruth.com):

  • drivers not looking ahead as they merge
  • drivers hitting their brakes immediately after passing the truck
  • drivers passing on the right
  • drivers who box them in
  • drivers who follow dangerously close

There are plenty of other Irritating things like drivers who are glued to their phones, or weaving in and out traffic lanes, etc.

But...all of those things happen on the ground. What about when the thing that's going to freak you out happens to be flying?

The Video, Titled "Buzzin The Semis On 30" Was Shared To Facebook By User Clifton Howard, But Highway 30 Crosses A Lot Of Territory

By "a lot" of territory, I mean the entire width of the country, from Pennsylvania to Oregon. You'd think that fact alone would make it hard for viewers to figure out exactly where this crop duster pilot buzzed a semi.

And you'd be wrong.


A video went viral showing a crop dusting plane nearly hitting a semi-truck on U.S. 30 in Northwest Indiana on Tuesday.

At around 4 p.m., Clifton Howard, 26, of North Judson, was driving on U.S. 30 in Hanna, just east of Wanatah, when he noticed a crop dusting plane about one mile out.

Moments later, the plane soared directly in front of him and nearly struck the semi-truck next to Howard.

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