If you're headed anywhere north of Janesville you'll probably want to learn some back roads. 

NOTE: Yes I did make that map myself. I'm pretty much the Picasso of MS Paint.

You may remember the travel headaches that sprouted from Wisconsin re-doing I-90 between Beloit and Janesville about 5 years ago. Those kind of backups could be in store this summer just a little farther north.

Here's all the details for this summer's construction:

  • Starting Saturday morning (April 22), the I-39/90 northbound on and off ramps will be CLOSED at the US 51 interchange east of Stoughton.
  • Alternate routes required during these ramp closures. There will be a signed detour route to get around this.
  • The southbound Interstate on and off ramps at Stoughton Exit 156 will remain open during construction with periodic nighttime ramp closures.
  • Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction on I-39/90 with a temporary barrier wall separating north and southbound traffic.
  • After driving through this work zone, northbound motorists will travel through another crossover, north of the US 51 interchange to return to the original Interstate travel lanes.
  • All ramp closures, lane restrictions and work operations are weather dependent and subject to change.

That can all be kind of confusing. The bottom line is if you're travelling north during the busier times, something like Thursday or Friday afternoon when everyone is trying to get away, you're going to run into problems.

Your best option is probably to give yourself a little extra time and take back roads up to Madison and then continue north on I-39. If you haven't done it before you should. Wisconsin back roads are some of the prettiest in the country, take some time to enjoy them.

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