An inspirational message loses all meaning if you can't read it correctly.

That's what Reddit user sregven must've been thinking when he shared the photo of the weird sign yesterday.

What's worse, is the sign might not be inspirational. You can kind of make out "stylish" and "taste" despite the jumbled up mess of words.

"Are" and "you" are the two words that kind of sort of can be read left to right.

However, when you put it all together, there is no way of telling what exactly this sign is trying to say.

First guess, "You are stylish good taste." If that's the sentence, that makes no sense. How about "You are good stylish taste?" That also makes no sense.

Lastly, "You good taste are stylish" is ridiculous and is not even possible.

While the sign is surely creative, it might have been made at one of those art and wine parties that are super trendy at the moment.

What do you think this strangely laid out sign says? Let us know!