He's either very talented or playing a violin track... have you heard the Target violin guy?

I used to go to Target three or four times a week. Maybe I was bored, maybe I just constantly forget I need more allergy pills... whatever the reason I was there.

But in the effort to stop buying things I didn't need, I've been taking a big Target break, until this week.

I visited my favorite Target on E. State Street after the gym yesterday and tonight, both times I thought to myself, where is that music coming from?

It was coming from 'Ratug.' Or at least that's what his sign says.


When I went to snap this photo, he bent down, but I checked him out on Venmo and his page is right there, along with a family photo and a few dozen donations from local violin lovers.


Have you heard him play? Did you feel the need to donate?


It really was beautiful music. There's a large chance I forgot a few things at my most recent Target stop, maybe I'll go back again tomorrow and see if I can find out more about Ratug.

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