You haven't truly drunk in Chicago until you've had a shot of Malort. 

Here's how Malort is described on their own website:

Jeppson's Malort is Chicago's local beskbrannvin - a style of bitter, wormwood-based, Swedish schnapps.

Bitter is one word to describe it. Another would be dirty socks. Yet another would be sewage runoff.

It's honestly one of the harder tastes to put your finger on, mostly because nothing else does, or should, taste like it.

It's so bad and has such a stigma connected to it that I'm honestly not sure if the above video is a spoof or something Malort would actually produce. Neither would surprise me.

If you come across someone who says that they actually like Malort, run the other way. Don't ask questions, just get out of there.

If you've never had the joy of experiencing the liquor, you should before you die. Once you have it you literally can't forget the taste. I'm getting a bit queasy just writing about it.

If you want the true Chicago hipster experience, make sure you wash it down with a PBR or Old Style. A surefire way to have a horrible morning.

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