Two different kinds of spirits are featured during a haunted pub crawl in the Wisconsin Dells.

We Have Both Kinds For This Special Halloween Event

I am a big fan of movie lines. My friends and I always hit each other with our favorites whenever possible. I thought of the perfect one for this event. It is from the "Blues Brothers." When asking what kind of music they usually have at a club, the bartender answers, "both kinds, country and western."

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For this special Halloween event, they offer both kinds of spirits... alcohol and ghosts.


How Adults Celebrate Halloween

For adults, there are basically two ways to celebrate Halloween. Of course, ghosts, hauntings, paranormal activity, and other similar things are a big part of it. This aspect is all about being scared.


I have always considered Halloween a big party day. People get dressed up in costumes and then go booze it up at a big bash with their friends. In my opinion, it is one of the top holiday celebrations of the year. Plus, you are not stuck hanging out with relatives you do not even like.


What If You Can Combine The Scary With The Party

I have a great idea. What if you could combine the two together to create the ultimate Halloween bash? Well, guess what? This is a real event. It is the Haunted Pub Crawl in the Wisconsin Dells.

Just be careful about how much you consume. You could be seeing much more than just a couple of ghosts. Remember, unicorns are not part of this adventure.


Details About Halloween Pub Crawl In Wisconsin Dells

  • Guided ghost tour
  • Pub crawl
  • Visit haunted establishments that serve alcohol
  • Experience cold spots
  • Apparitions dressed in 50's style clothes
  • A ghost named Molly at Showboat Saloon
  • Hear stories about haunts and ghosts
  • Travel on Wisconsin Dell’s Trolley
  • Learn the history of a little girl who haunts a bar which is a former church
  • Stop by the old Baraboo Inn, one of Wisconsin's most haunted places
  • Take pictures of the mirrors and see strange things
  • 3-hour tour
  • 30 minutes at each location including Showboat, Brat House, and Baraboo Inn
  • Interesting ride with stories all along the way
  • Haunted music
  • Adult beverages served
  • $49 per person

Sounds like a great way to celebrate Halloween.

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