What's the world coming to?

Some people get really excited about the Holidays, They decorate their houses and yards to get into the spirit of things. There's always that one house that goes above and beyond each year.  They do such a good job the whole neighborhood loves to drive or walk by to see what they've done. Well, Friday night one of these highly decorated houses in Loves Park had numerous decorations stolen right out of their front yard.

This post popped up yesterday in the Loves Park Neighborhood Watch Facebook group.


The crook managed to steal a Monster with a sign as well as a zombie baby with its own sign. Kind of hard to pawn something like that, but it happened. Now the whole neighborhood will suffer because they decided to take down the rest of their Halloween decorations because of it all. That's no fun for anyone.

. We would hate to see something like this become a normal situation. If you see anything happen like this please contact the authorities.

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