Almost all of us have thrown one (or many), or have been on the receiving end of a water balloon. I remember spending several hours on a summer morning of my youth, filling up balloon after balloon on my parents' patio, all the while giggling with anticipation of a target rich environment when my next door neighbor (and best friend) John's sisters were planning on spending the day tanning in their back yard. Glorious fun, that usually ended with us running for our very lives.

Which brings us to one-shoed Ian Parks. It seems that Ian couldn't resist the call of his childhood, so he gave in to temptation. Why only one shoe? C'mon, in today's world, you need something to hold your phone so it can capture all the slo-mo fun:

By the way, according to Fact Fiend, water balloons, like many other notable inventions, were created purely by accident:

...water balloons were invented in 1950 by an English inventor called Edgar Ellington. Now, when Ellington originally sat down in his lab to get his Farnsworth on, he wasn’t trying to invent a water-based toy for children, he was trying to invent a sock. More specifically, a waterproof sock that could help a person avoid catching a nasty condition colloquially known as “trench foot”, from standing in water for too long.

Sounds noble, doesn't it? However...

The story goes that upon filling the sock with water, Ellington noticed a tiny stream of water coming out of the bottom, indicating that his latex sock had somehow sprung a leak. Ellington became so enraged at this point that he hurled the water-filled sock across his lab, which caused it to explode violently and more importantly, awesomely. Ellington was so surprised at this that he re-tooled his invention and decided to sell them to the public as “water grenades” instead of trying to continue making his waterproof sock. We should probably ignore the fact that by doing this, Ellington was implicitly condemning thousands of people to trench foot, but hey, WATER BALLOONS, YO!

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