Chicago French Bulldog Rescue says that it will not return more than a dozen French bulldog puppies that were confiscated from a warehouse inside O'Hare Airport on August 31st.

After reading about the plight of these sweet little pups, I've gotta say that I'm with the rescue group on this one all the way.

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, Facebook
Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, Facebook


About 20 dogs had arrived on Royal Jordanian Airlines on Aug. 28 and an airport worker alerted a Chicago police officer about the dire conditions the puppies were living in at the warehouse. Upon investigation, the police discovered that these dogs were without food and water, dehydrated and in abhorrent sanitary conditions.

The dogs went without food and water for at least four days, were covered with fecal matter and urine, and covered with lesions after sitting for so long in their own waste. One puppy was was found dead.

This kind of thing makes my blood boil.

The person who found the puppies in the warehouse was directed by the Chicago Police Department to make contact with the people at Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. The rescue group then arranged to have several veterinary clinics prepped and on stand-by to provide treatment and quarantine for all 15 dogs that same evening, incurring medical bills of up to $40,000.

The problem now is that the Jordanian embassy, the CDC, and the USDA are demanding that the rescuers return the dogs to their custody so that they can fly them back to Jordan. The rescue group, in refusing to comply, says that would ultimately lead to the pups being put down.

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue has asked that the puppies be released to their custody and care permanently, where they will continue their rehabilitation and find them loving homes. If the dogs are released to their rescue, the rescue has agreed to absorb all incurred and future medical costs.

There's a petition up at to save these dogs from deportation and, more than likely, being euthanized. Click here to read the petition.


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