There have been countless bad news stories for the Land of Lincoln of businesses leaving in 2022. So the news that Tesla is opening a nearly three-quarters of a million square foot warehouse here in Illinois is very needed. Here are the details on where it is going and why it's a positive sign for Illinois.

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According to an article from the website, Tesla is opening a 650,000 square foot warehouse in Southern Illinois, in the article they say...

"The warehouse will be located at the Gateway TradePort industrial park in Pontoon Beach, southwest of the interchange of interstates 270 and 255, the Post-Dispatch reported, noting Tesla has a dealership in Chesterfield, Missouri, with another planned for St. Louis County."

This seems to be part of Tesla's goal to keep growing and reach more Americans, especially with the ability to service their vehicles more quickly. To read more about Tesla's move to the Illinois side of the St. Louis area click here!

This news to me should be celebrated here in the parts of Illinois that are not Chicagoland. We live in a fast-changing world where electric cars are being forced upon us as the future and you know that Chicagoland won't be forgotten in this new version of the future. So to see that there is an investment being made in parts of the state that aren't Chicagoland that's a positive in my book. The fact that it will hopefully bring jobs and a big economic boom to that area is also great news all around. Are you on board with the electric car future?

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