Why would you try and hurt someone with a handful of delicious? This Peoria, Illinois man tried. SG

I personally haven't had a McGriddle in a long, long time. But man they are tasty! Wasting one and using it as a weapon, is just wrong.

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Patricia Munguia was hit in the face with a McGriddle sandwich in a McDonald's drive thru. The mystery McGriddle tosser, was pissed that his sandwich has no egg...so he whipped it at Patricia hitting her in the face with the hot greasy sandwich.

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Patricia declined medical attention after being nailed in the kisser with the McDonald's sandwich. The "Fast Food Flinger" was described at a six foot tall, 230lbs black man....apparently with a hell of an arm!

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A license plate was taken down, the McGriddle Tosser was never captured, and he lives to fling food once again! I understand the frustration, but launching food should be something you grow out of by like age 3, right?

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Officer Anthony Allen from Peoria, Illinois said that Patricia was

"physically assaulted by a breakfast sandwich,' she declined 'medical attention for the assault by the sausage sandwich."

Patricia said that this gentleman was a regular customer, which would lead you to believe he would be easy to catch? But no such McGriddle Luck.

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