With a $15 million dollar renovation nearing completion, the Rauners are getting set to load up the gubernatorial moving truck.

Before you shout "$15 million dollars to renovate the governor's mansion?! I thought this state was broke!" I should point out that the funding for the work was raised through private donations.

It'll probably be nice to get away from the smells of cotton candy and horse manure, as Governor and Mrs. Rauner moved into the Director's House on the Illinois State Fairgrounds while construction was going on at the former Executive Mansion.

The mansion in Springfield was built in 1855 and is the largest governor's mansion in the country. It's also one of the three oldest continuously occupied governor's residences in the U.S. It's been undergoing needed renovations, including a new roof, HVAC system and entrance to the building.

If you've never visited, here's a quick tour (pre-renovation) from 2009:

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