Google tracked you for a month and found out that we're not going very many places. 

What definitely should not be taken from this study is that it's not at all intrusive that google is tracking our movements at all times and knows exactly where we are. You shouldn't take that from this blog at all. Just be appreciative that was nice enough to share it with us. (this time)

Unsurprisingly it turns out that people aren't going anywhere and that's the way it should be.

How'd we do in Winnebago compared to the rest of the state? Let's take a look.

  • Winnebago - -47%
  • State: - -53%
  • Winnebago - -30%
  • State - -24%
  • Winnebago - -40%
  • State - --29%
  • Winnebago - -40%
  • State - -55%
  • Winnebago - -36%
  • State - -39%
  • Winnebago - +11%
  • State - +13%

The county tracks pretty well with the rest of the state. I think the biggest surprise out of all those numbers is the residential increase. I was sure it would go up but I thought it'd be a lot more than that. I guess we weren't spending that much time out of our houses before all this.

You can find the whole report as well as individual reports for each county here.