Which let's, 'face' it, totally sucks.

Some of us are sitting around on this snowy Monday dreaming we had that Google Face Match app and we just don't.

How rude.

The Google Arts and Culture app has been around for a while, but all of the sudden over the weekend it got beyond popular.

So popular, that celebrities all over the place have been sharing their art doppelganger.

Yep, all of this hubbub is over an app that tells you if you look like Mona Lisa or Frida Kahlo.

Honestly, I don't get the bizarre obsession over the app.

Well, I didn't get the obsession, until I realized that I don't even have that feature on my app!

And you probably don't either.

The app takes your location when you download it and those of us in Rockford are out of luck. We can't decide who our artwork doppelganger is.

What is that all about?

According to 'The Next Web,' it's a regional thing and no one knows why they won't let us all in on the fun.

So we have to settle with scrolling through Instagram wishing Rockford was as cool as New York City.

What a Monday.

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