Earlier this week there were reports that University of Illinois' most famous bar was going to close later this year. 

I am very glad to report to you that those stories have turned out to be false.

There is some truth to the story. The bar's owners are selling the building but instead of turning the property into apartment buildings as reported, the new owners will continue to leave KAM's open.

News-Gazette - I have sold my interest in Kam's after 27 years. The buyers plan on running Kam's as normal and will reopen for the school year," Meyer said in an email Wednesday evening. "I want to thank my great staff, our students, alumni and the great university community.

For those of you who are not familiar with KAM's, let me paint a little picture.

KAM's is easily one of the more disgusting bars you will find on any college campus, this is what gives it its "charm." The floors are sticky. The drinks are cheap and the patrons are usually beyond drunk. It's a Champaign institution that's been going strong for 27 years.

I never really was fond of KAM's, it was a little too much for me but I was sad when I initially heard that it was closing. It should be a rite of passage for anyone who spends some time in Champaign.

Here's to 27 more years of sticky floors and crazy nights!

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