We spend so much time trying to keep things out of kids' mouths that we fail to notice when they put things in other places.

A seven-year-old girl in Britain is facing a long road to recovery after she got a battery stuck up her nose for five months back in 2015.

The girl, identified as Kelsie, was playing with a toy when she jammed the button battery up her nose where it burned through her septum.

Yeah, we'll go ahead and say it with you: "Ouch!"

Kelsie will need five surgeries over the next 15 years to repair the issues that remain after the battery was removed.

"She's often in huge pain and has massive nose bleeds," her mother tells the Daily Mail. "Having no tunnel in her nose means nosebleeds start at the top of her nose she'll sneeze and explode blood everywhere."

Yeah, we'll go ahead and say it with you: "Gross!"

No one saw the battery go up her honker and no one realized it was there. Kelsie was living in foster care at  the time of the incident. Doctors only discovered the battery after she was rushed to the hospital when brown discharge started coming out of her.

So, why can't the problem be addressed right now? Her mother says doctors want to wait until she's an adult and finished growing.

Kelsie's mother said she knew about the battery issue during the adoption process. Meanwhile, it's wreaking havoc on her childhood, as she battles headaches, ear infections, nosebleeds and bullying. She also can't blow her nose, forcing her parents to use a special apparatus to keep everything in order.

Kelsie, meanwhile, put it all in perspective. "You shouldn't put a battery up your nose because otherwise you'll have to go to hospital," she said.

Yeah, we'll go ahead and say it with you: "Duh!"

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