This might be the greatest thing since Instacart was announced in Rockford, but this one is FREE. Yup, you read that correctly.

My wife and I have been using Instacart for the past few months and, even though there are fees, it has saved us money because we only buy what we actually NEED. Now, thanks to something new coming to Rockford, we might save even more money.

Wal-Mart Free Grocery Pickup
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Do you know why I'm OK with buying groceries online and having them delivered? Because my family has a hectic schedule and there are other things I'd rather do than use an hour or two of my day to buy groceries. Pure convenience. I can't believe it could be even better.

Yes, as supporters of local businesses in Winnebago County we buy our grocery's wherever the better deal is. In the end it's about saving money and we're not alone. As I said earlier, we save money by using Instacart because we only buy what we need and not extra little things that quickly add up. Now, thanks to this new service coming to Rockford, there may be another way for use to save even more money on groceries. No more "fees" for ordering online and having food delivered.

Walmart in Belvidere, Rockford, and Roscoe will begin offering free grocery pick-up through Yes, you will have to drive to the location to pick up your groceries but won't need to park, get out of your vehicle, and load them in yourself.

According to,

Shoppers just type in their zip code to find the nearest Walmart, select the items they want, then choose a time to pick up the order. Personal grocery shoppers will then gather the order and deliver it to the customer's car when they arrive at the store at designated parking spots.

There shouldn't be any problem getting the items and brands you desire, as there are thousands of options for non-perishables, vegetables, meats, and etc.

Customers can choose from 30,000 items including fresh produce, meats and organic groceries. reports you can begin ordering those groceries today for pick-up on Wednesday,  June 14.

I think this it the first time in a long time that I can actually say, "thanks a lot, Walmart", without being sarcastic.

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