The national debate about Chicago food usually surrounds the deep dish pizza but locals know that the real Chicago food debates come out when discussing the Italian beef.

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Normally the Italian beef debate is about where the best Italian beef is not about what is on it. Everyone has their preferences, some like it wet, some like it with giardiniera, some with cheese, but nobody really questions what makes an Italian beef an Italian beef, until I came across this Tweet today.

NOTE: My personal preference is a dry sandwich, with hot peppers and a side of au jus. No cheese. And now I'm interested in trying it on garlic bread.

Those were just a sampling of the negative responses to the garlic bread Italian beef.

It looks great and is probably delicious but it isn't an Italian beef. In the end it of course doesn't matter and just remember, don't yuck someone else's yum, there's literally no point to it.

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