Since it's a Monday, I thought I'd throw a few new viral videos at you. Today's theme is "Fun With Animals."

Let's get started with our first video, which features a couple of animals that those of us who live in this area would be quite familiar with, even though they're not behaving typically:

There seems to be some online debate about whether or not this was "playing." Some, including the videographer, think the dog and the deer are having a grand old time, while others believe they were both considering killing each other. As usual with online debates, the folks with opposing opinions agreed to disagree began calling each other horrible names.

Next, we take a turn toward the exotic. Unless you've got a yard full of two-fingered sloths, this qualifies as exotic. A couple headed to Costa Rica to the sloth sanctuary to celebrate the wife's 30th birthday. Part of their "birthday experience" is apparently baby sloths on a jungle gym:

And finally, we go for the even more exotic. The first public viewing of a very rare albino (although the reporter in the piece pronounces it "al-bean-oh") baby kangaroo after it spent nearly a year hiding in mom's pouch:

There. Now that we've gotten the "awwwwwws" out of our system, let's move on with the week.