A Freeport bar has responded after it was fined $5000 and cited by police for a public nudity incident that occurred three weeks ago.

UPDATE 7/14/17 5:15pm: A copy of the Freeport police report has been published. Warning: NSFW Click HERE

Logan's Bar and Grill, located at 1805 South West Ave in Freeport, was the target of an undercover surveillance operation by the Freeport Police Department. According to a report in the Freeport Journal Standard, on June 23rd, an undercover officer was sent into the bar after receiving a call reporting about an "indecent exposure." According to Freeport City attorney Steven Cox, upon arrival, the undercover officer reported:

at least three dancers in various stages of undress, some of whom were making physical contact with customers.

On Thursday, the Freeport liquor commission imposed the following sanctions of Logan's:

  • A fine of $5000 (due by Sept 1st)
  • Liquor cannot be served or sold for 10 days (July 28-Aug 6)

The owner of the bar has denied any impropriety took place at the establishment and said that there were female dancers, with 'limited clothing', in the bar's side room.

The establishment owner decided it would be better to pay the fine, rather than go to court because the town would have suspended their license until the court date and possibly beyond, which have cost them a lot more money.

Many municipalities have the ability to levy fines, without going to court, and this has many of the bar's regular customers up in arms. Many people believe it is a money grab by the City of Freeport.

Logan's took to social media to explain their side of the story.

We just want you to know that we LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS. And we are TRYING to support the City of Freeport (even through all the "complaints") because at LOGAN'S we know a few SUCKY people cannot ruin our for doing what's right


Many of Logan's customers agreed and responded on Facebook:

  • I guess Freeport doesn't have bigger things to worry about
  • One small mistake from a customer or entertainer has nothing to do with the great service and staff and food and drinks. You will always have a negative nelly rise above it and don't talk about it any more

The new Mayor of Freeport, Jody Miller, feels it is important to clean up Freeport and feels what happened at Logan's is a serious violation.

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