You'll be forgiven if you didn't know but this Friday, May 27th is National Italian Beef Day. One of the more delicious fake holidays we have here in America.

Buona Beef is celebrating the "holiday" by giving away one free Italian beef to anyone that uses their app to order one over the long weekend.

While there aren't any Buona Beefs here locally in Rockford, if you're making a trip to the suburbs over the weekend, you'll probably easily run into one of their 30 Chicagoland locations.

If you're not familiar with Buona Beef, it's basically just a Portillo's with a different name. I'm sure there are some that have strong opinions of one being better than the other but I've never really noticed too much of a difference. Maybe if you had them side by side you could claim a preference, but they both serve up above average Italian beefs.

NOTE: While the quality of the beefs at Portillo's and Buona Beef might be comparable, the fries are not. Portillo's crinkle cut are a tier above Buona's. At least they are in my honest opinion.

Can't make it to the suburbs for a free beef but this article has you hankering for an Italian beef? There are plenty of options here in Rockford that will scratch the itch, including the aforementioned Portillo's, but for my money the best beef in town might be in the back of a gas station.

The Italian beef at Da Catch in the BP gas station on Riverside by Valli Produce is about 100 times better than food out of a gas station should be.


Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Have a beef to celebrate.

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