Chipotle is still trying to win back customers. This time they're targeting Cub fans. 

The beleaguered "Mexican" chain is hopping on the Cubs bandwagon to try to boost their slumping sales. If you wear any of your Cubs gear to a store on the day of Game 1, Tuesday, you can get a buy one get one offer on all burritos, bowls, and salads.

I'm not really sure when Chipotle is going to get it through their heads that people don't want more free Chipotle. They want Chipotle that won't make them sick and/or a queso sauce.

Hey Chipotle, here's a million dollar commercial idea. Mr. Chipotle comes out to the camera, looks America in the eye and says "Sorry about making everyone sick. I promise we won't do that anymore. As an apology we're going to start selling queso." Boom! Chipotle's stock goes way up.

That's a free one. The next one will cost you.