Winnebago County is home to four ghost towns that seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Matter of fact, there isn’t much to go by on the internet. However, one source listed off the four places as ghost towns in Winnebago County.

According to Daily Odds and Ends, these are four ghost towns in Winnebago County.

Letham Park: Located five miles south of Rockton, on the railroad.
Genet: Also on the railroad, located three miles west of Loves Park.
Alworth: Another railroad town, five miles east of Seward.
Elida: Not on a railroad by on South County line, four miles south of Winnebago.

If you search for any of these towns on Google, you won’t come up with much if anything at all.

Alworth has its own Wikipedia page, but there’s not much info. Some internet users have reminisced about Genet and Elida, while there is virtually nothing regarding Letham Park.

These are four alleged ghost towns that I have never heard of. Why the towns disappeared is anyone’s guess. Do you have any idea?

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