It's HOT. It's been HOT and it's gonna stay HOT. You've got to find a way to cool off, thankfully there are four splash pads now open in Rockford.

Splash pads are something I always put in the 'when I was a kid... we didn't have these!' category.

Because, I'm pretty sure when I was a kid, it was pool or backyard sprinkler.

Not this amazing water park thing where parents are able to bring their kids to cool off without having to take them to an actual pool.

This summer, we weren't sure how much splash-padding we would be able to do, but things are looking up!

Stateline Kids recently posted this to their Instagram page, inviting fans to click the link in the bio to read more about the splash pads.

Riverside Park in Janesville is open with a splash pad, Klehm’s Kids Creek is open, Lions Beach, and The Town Square Bubble are also open.

If you are looking for ways to cool off with your kids this summer, Stateline Kids is probably a great account to follow for updates!

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