Thousands of people have flocked to a former prison in Joliet, Illinois.

I would put this into the strange and unusual category of tourist attractions in Illinois. It's the Joliet Corrections Center in Joliet, Illinois. The people aren't jail fanatics, they are just fans of the "Blues Brothers." The iconic movie filmed some scenes there.

According to,

"The Old Joliet Prison has had 14,181 visitors for tours and events and has generated $407,654 in revenue since being opened to the public on August 2018, according to the Joliet Area Historical Museum that oversees operations. Most revenue is offset by costs, and even net revenue of about $40,000 will be devoted to building restoration. But prison operators and state tourism officials believe that people will continue to make the former Joliet Correctional Center a destination spot. Pop culture is a huge draw"

I'm a huge fan of the "Blues Brothers." I'm going to have to check this place out.


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