A fox in Illinois has had a plastic drainage pipe stuck around its neck for over a year.

Animals Sometimes Get Stuck In Tricky Situations

I used to have a cat named Sabby. She was very curious. It was pretty funny because sometimes she would get herself stuck in bad situations. The animal liked to stick her head in things, especially cups. There were many times that I would have to rescue her because it would get stuck.

Wild Animals Get Stuck Too

The same thing happens to wild animals. Do you remember the story from a few weeks ago when a skunk got its head stuck in a cup and a couple of brave police officers saved the day? Well, unfortunately, most of the time, out in their natural habitat there is not a human around to help. Maybe, the creature does not want any help.

The Latest Animal Star In Illinois

The lastest animal social media star in Illinois is a fox named Freddy who lives in Barlett. This poor thing has a little bit of a problem.

According to dailyherald.com,

 "A hapless red fox has become a neighborhood celebrity in Bartlett."



"Fondly nicknamed "Freddy," the fox has a unique accessory that has caught the attention of many residents: a plastic drain pipe stuck around his neck."

"Attempts to trap Freddy in an effort to help him remove the drain pipe were fruitless, and now that the pipe has all but disintegrated, there are no plans to try again to capture him."

Story About Freddy The Fox

Freddy was originally spotted with the drainage pipe around his neck back in September of 2020. It is plastic and flexible so it does not seem to hurt him. Unsuccessful attempts were made to capture the animal to try and help. He was just too sneaky. Now after a year, the pipe has just about disappeared.

The fox is not afraid of humans so he is seen running around the neighborhood all the time. His little situation has made him quite the celebrity with almost 2,000 people following him on Facebook, HERE.

I wonder if once the drainage pipe is completely gone from his neck, will Freddy still be a star, or is that it for his fifteen minutes.

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