What are you doing tonight? Grabbing dinner and then headed out? What's the plan? Bowling? Live music? Dance club? A Bar?

Get ready for a blast from the past because you're about to embark on a trip through Rockford's nightlife on a Friday night in the early 2000s.

If you were old enough to legally drink and lived in Rockford there was nothing short on what to do. Some might refer to the times inside these places, "the good 'ole days." Some of these places may bring back a lot of memories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Fire up the flux capacitor, we're going on a trip down memory lane.

FLASHBACK: 10 Rockford Places You Probably Hung Out At on Friday Night

Honorable Mentions

Before the days of Fatty's was Stash O'Niels. It wasn't uncommon to pop in there, LT's, Shooter's at Don Carters, and Elixur, all in one night. And, yes, there were many options, these are the places that stand out most in my head.

Good 'ole days? Debatable. Were there a ton of fun moments, definitely.

If you're looking for cool flashback/throwback items from "the good 'ole days", make sure you check out Bygone Brand.

What Are They Now Former Rockford Music Venues

Photos of what replaced legendary music venues in Rockford.

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