I read in DNA Chicago that Wrigleyville is soon to become the home to the first Culver's in the Chicago.

That got me to thinking about what we would tell a "newbie" trying out Culver's for the first time of what they must order.

Once this restaurant goes up in November, the "Windy City" is gonna know what we "Rockford-ians" and "Wisconsin-ites" already know about the deliciousness of their Butter Burgers.

My top five Must Orders would be as follows:

1. Cheese Curds. Oh yes this is a biggest MUST order for a new comer to Culver's.

2. Butter Burger with or without cheese. Just have to have one of these. Order it in a snack pack that makes it even better.

3. Sweet Tea. Mmmm, it's better than McD's in my opinion.

4. Their Chicken Salad when it's availab;e as the special sandwich of the day. Yum!

5. And last but not least, their frozen custard. Any way they serve it is pure awesomeness.

If you had to tell a Chicagoan about Culver's and what to order what would your picks be?





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