Finally, the greatest food of all time is being honored with its own festival.


The Best Food In The World And My Personal Favorite

When someone asks me the question, "what's your favorite food of all time?" I don't even have to think about it because the response is automatic. It's a simple one-word answer, pizza. Of course, I enjoy many other types of foods and meals but for me, nothing comes close to pizza. I don't care if it's frozen, by the slice, thin-crust, deep-dish, cold leftovers, or any other style you can think of because I love it all.

Photo From Bacci Pizza Facebook Page
Photo From Bacci Pizza Facebook Page

Finally, Pizza Is To Be Honored With Its Own Festival

I'm a huge fan of going to festivals, especially when food is involved. I've heard of tacos, burgers, cheese curds, and many other types of food fests but never a pizza festival. I always wondered why but now my dream party has finally come true. Pizza City Fest is coming to Chicago this summer.

According to,

On July 23–24, you can reap the benefits of this dedication to the cause at the first-ever Pizza City Fest in the West Loop, showcasing 10 different styles of pizza made by nearly 40 different pizzerias over the course of the weekend.


A $59 ticket gets you all-you-can-eat pizza, live music, and access to panels, pizza seminars, and demonstrations.


Nunzios Facebook
Nunzio's Facebook

Details For Pizza City Festival

The Pizza City Fest will be held at the Plumber’s Union Hall in the West Loop in Chicago (1401 West Randolph Street). It's happening on Saturday, July 23rd, and Sunday, July 24th. Some of the best pizzas of all different styles in Illinois will be featured. Ovens will be on-site for cooking. There will be special guest chefs. You can also check out live music, pizza-themed vendors with merchandise, and a few surprises. Guests speakers will host a variety of panels about this tasty food. VIP packages are available.

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For more info and to purchase tickets, HERE.

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