This story has a twist.

It got feisty in the normally reserved back corner of our sales pit this afternoon.

I like to keep in touch with the sales staff, make sure they remember that I do in fact work for the company. That usually involves a quick trip to the sales pit a few times a week to chat it up with my co-workers. Today, I was talking with Amy and Heather about a project Amy's husband was working on at home. Looong story short, I suggested they incorporate some decoupaging into the finished product.

Amy then baited me into saying it a few more times, before she tried to "woman"splain to me that I was saying it wrong. It's 2021 Amy, men can be into arts and crafts too. Heather was an unlikely ally in all this and agreed with me.

We were saying: Day-Coo-Pahge

She insisted it was: Deck-o-Pahge

So we went to the internet, and I was shocked:

Are you kidding me? This was like finding out it was the Bernstein Bears and not the Berenstein Bears. My girlfriend (humblebrag much?) in college was seriously into decoupaging so I watched a lot of TLC shows about it. That was NOT how I remembered it. Did we just discover another Mandela Effect?

I made her click another video to confirm. This one had a third different way to say it.

Finally, after another try, we found one that agreed with the way I say it.

After a little more investigation, it looks like Day-coo-Page is the right way, but it's nowhere near-unanimous.

By the way, this is what decoupaging is if you've been lost this whole time.

Wild stuff man.

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