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You may have seen the story out of Nebraska about the young kid that was given the opportunity to run a touchdown during a University of Nebraska Cornhuskers practice ( watch this and try not to cry ) ...this story may be a little more "unthinkable" in that it was done during an actual game!

We go to LUBBOCK, Texas where football is "LIFE" for a lot of fine folks...

BETSY BLANEY, Associated Press — Just three months after Kenbriel Hearn emerged from a coma, the 18-year-old football star scored the most memorable touchdown of his life.

The senior at Memphis High School suffered two strokes caused by a bleeding mass on his brain and spent three weeks on life support. By the time he awoke this past summer, his 5-foot-7 frame had withered from 160 pounds to 112. He was paralyzed on his right side, unable to walk or talk.

What he didn't know was that both coaches at the final game of the season arranged to let Hearn score!

With Memphis trailing 35-0 in the final minute, Hearn was sent into the huddle and given directions to take the handoff and go.

He jogged 48 yards to the end zone, where players from both teams cheered him.

It wasn't the first touchdown Hearn scored in his three seasons as a Memphis receiver and safety, but it was his sweetest.

Gotta love when coaches actually "GET" what being a student/athlete is all about and teach there players what really is important in life...people!

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