It's honestly a surprise this doesn't happen more often. 

If you've ever walked around downtown Chicago in the winter you've probably seen the "Watch For Falling Ice" signs littering the sidewalks.

I've never really understood what you're supposed to do with that information. You can't walk around downtown looking up at the buildings and not where you're going. I always thought they were more of a way to relieve a building of liability more than anything else.

I've seen ice fall from a skyscraper before and it's pretty scary. It comes out of nowhere and absolutely explodes when it hits the pavement.

The signs around Willis Tower today were definitely not just for show. Multiple chunks fell from the sky causing some mayhem. You can see what it did to the car in the picture above.

This lady took one to the face. She's lucky to still be walking.

They eventually had to shut down the surrounding streets because of the danger. Which caused the normally congested downtown streets to be even worse.

Just a small bit of advice. There are plenty of underground passages in the city's Pedway system. Once you get the hang of it, you can go all over downtown Chicago without stepping a foot outside.

Do that or just avoid the city until April.

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