As someone who books people for a show based solely on an email they have sent me, I know exactly how this can happen. Doesn't mean it's not hilarious. 

The above video is a compilation of Chop and Steele. Two guys who are not strongmen but do play one on TV. This comedic paring has taken advantage of morning show producers who are desperate to fill time on their morning news programs.

As I stated above I get about a half dozen emails a day from people looking to get interviewed. Most of them are crazy people who somehow got my email address but I digress.

Let's take a look at the highlights with a bonus video at the end.

Chop N Steel2

Group lifting a found cinder block is just believable enough that I don't think our anchor has quite caught on. He's thrown off but still thinks this might be real.

Chop N Steel3

Now we're karate chopping small branches found in the parking lot. Again if I'm the anchor I'm just thinking these guys have a weird warm-up routine and are just a little out there.

Chop N Steel4

Here's where the wheels would come off for me and you can see the smirk developing on the lady in the maroon(?) dress. Stomping on little kids' Easter baskets is laugh out loud funny no matter the context. Just an absurd visual.

Chop N Steel5

This one is my favorite. Whipping sticks at the bare back of your partner and claiming that he's developed "callouses" from it is inspired comedy. The most amazing part of all this is the cameras kept on rolling. No producer at this point thought "Maybe these guys aren't legit." Hey I'm not from Wisconsin. Maybe they're just a lot nicer up there. Not sure.

Chop N Steel6
Chop N Steel7

Nothing left to say about these pics other than I guess naming them Ace and Gary would have been a bit on the nose.

Chop N Steel8

This picture could go in a museum. They've reigned it in a bit. Lifting milk jugs can possibly be described as taxing so there's a shred of credibility. You can however see the look on the anchor's face still expressing disbelief that this is happening. Then to climax the scene, ol' Chop goes and spills 2 gallons of liquid all over the studio. Brilliant.

Chop N Steel9

And finally everyone seems to have had enough. No one can keep a straight face during this "exercise." Just an outstanding job from everyone.

In case this kind of prank looks familiar you might remember the famous yo-yo man, K-Strass, that terrorized Wisconsin morning shows a few years back. He even managed to get on locally when WREX booked him. (That video has be curiously swept off the Internet. If you have access to it please get in touch) The guy has gone on to have decent roles in shows like The Office and Better Call Saul so maybe we'll be seeing more of these guys in the future.


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