The busiest shopping day of the year approaches, which means scammers will target your deepest shopping desires.

I saw on Facebook yesterday a few of my friends shared a coupon for Target.

boygovideo, ThinkStock

It was a dreamy coupon. It was a fifty percent off your entire store wide purchase at Target. I glanced at the coupon as I scrolled through my Facebook feed, but then went back to investigate it further.

It looks exactly like a Target Store Coupon. It expires at the end of the year, it has no exceptions in purchases, it is magical and the savings are tallying up in my head as I think about it.

Yet, one thing is for certain, if it seems too good to be true, it is. It's a scam.

Our friends at Consumerist had the guts to actually click on the magical coupon to see what the hype was all about.

When you click on the coupon, the link will take you out of Facebook to a page with instructions on how to "Get Your Target Reward!"

It is not a Target site that you are brought to. Instead, there are steps on what you have to do to get rewarded for taking surveys.

But, in order to get anything 'from Target' you have to complete a purchase requirement from this mysterious website. By making the purchase requirement you will be getting a Target gift car, which is obviously not the same as a Target coupon, from a mysterious and sketchy third party.

Basically: stop sharing these sketchy sites on Facebook. Target itself has denied the existence of this magical coupon, and if that isn't enough proof that this is a scam, I'm sorry you will probably subscribe and pay for a bunch of crap.