You might want to hook up your phone to a computer, if you want to save your photos, or at least some you may have forgotten about.

This will primarily affect photos you didn't know were there in the first place, but you might want to check.

CNN is reporting that  the photos are located within the Facebook App under "Synced" or "Synced from Phone", part of your Facebook photos. this feature is being phased out by Facebook as of July 7.

If you have photos on your phone in these Facebook folders, and you want to save them, you need to hook up your phone to a computer and transfer them over to your hard drive.

It was just four years ago that Facebook introduced it's 'photo syncing' feature. It allowed users to automatically upload photos from your phone to a private album. The idea was to make it easier to share these saved pictures at later time. Facebook want it's users to use it's new 'Moments' feature.

Here is detailed explanation on how to KEEP these photos. Don't forget, you need to do this by July 7.

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