After having no sun for like the last 4 months (at least that's how it feel) now we are going to get all we can handle AND MORE! It's a dry heat they say...whatever. NBCCHICAGO

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Summer is here, least that's what Chicago is gonna get. Mid to upper 80's today, with lots of sunshine, and it stays that way ALL WEEK LONG!

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Average temps for Chicago this time of year are what? Glad you asked...usually Chicago sits around 68 degrees this time of year.

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As we get later into the week, Chicago could and probably hit the low 90's! The record is 92 for this time of year, wow!

Record-Breaking Warmth is Possible in Rockford This Weekend

So what about us? How much of this will we see in Rockford? Basically the same, break out the suntan lotion!

Tuesday 87

Wednesday 87

Thursday 89

Friday 85

That's some summer! Mystateline

So what to do during a "heat advisory." It's been a while since we've had something do extreme, so let's review:

  • Don't leave pets inside a vehicle
  • Take COOL showers
  • Wear loose, light weight clothes
  • Try not to use your oven
  • Drink lots and lots of water
  • Try to avoid intense exercise 
  • Be careful with the possibility of heat exhaustion or heat stroke
  • Check on the elderly

The heat stroke one is interesting...I've experienced this before, and being "really hot and exhausted" is just that a HEAT STROKE:

  • Red hot skin with no sweating
  • Rapid pulse
  • Dizziness 
  • Your body temp hits 103


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