Most of us are familiar with the Dagwood sandwich, comically stacked high with...well, everything. But, I'm guessing that if you're not from southern or central Illinois, you're probably unfamiliar with what some call "Illinois' favorite sandwich," the horseshoe.

My son and I recently took a road-trip down to Metropolis in far-southern Illinois, and along the way (about the midpoint of the state) we started seeing multiple food joints that purported to be the "home of the famous" horseshoe sandwich. My son asked if I knew about horseshoe sandwiches, I replied in the negative, and we drove on.

Over the weekend I was reading a piece on "iconic" Illinois foods, and there it was, on the list between deep dish pizza and Italian beef: the horseshoe.

I could go about putting together the recipe for you, but why, when I have this nice woman and her family to do it for me?

I know what you're saying. "Gosh, that looks delicious (not really), but where, oh where, can I get me a giant-sized version of that?"

Glad you asked. Head for Carlinville, Illinois, to the Carlinville Plaza Cafe, where they specialize in the "Monster Horseshoe Challenge:"

Ready to take on the Horseshoe sandwich now? Me either.

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