To quote Randy Marsh: I'm sorry, I thought this was America. 

Evanston Judy Fisk, it tired of college kids acting like.... college kids. - There have been complaints about Evanston residents playing beer pong and other games involving alcohol consumption in their front yards in full view of their neighbors and the public way.

Oh, you mean college kids were drinking in their front yards? Shocking. This is what college kids have been doing for decades. This school didn't just pop up around you. Northwestern was founded in 1851. While it's not known as a "party" school, it's still populated by 18-22 years olds that just want to have fun. The people who choose to live in a college town by where college kids live and then complain about college kids acting like college kids are just as bad as the people who move close to an airport and then complain about the overhead planes being too noisy.

The biggest problem for all of this is that the intended consequence of this ban is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. You don't have a problem with beer pong itself, you don't want kids partying outside. How do you ban beer pong? Kids already don't play beer pong with actual beer. It's now de rigueur to play with water and just drink while you play. You can't tell people they can't throw ping pong balls into cups of water on their own property. You can try to enforce public intoxication but that's probably tough to do if, again, someone is on their own property. Also, let's say that you somehow get them to stop playing beer pong, they'll just start playing drinking crazy 8's or something like that. Remember, we're dealing with college kids, they'll find a way to get drunk.

So, sorry Mrs. Fisk, these kids won't stop being kids and they will probably keep playing their loud rock and roll music as well.

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