Marcos Paulo Prado
Marcos Paulo Prado

Theft, violence, unsafe driving, these are things that can be a serious issue no matter where you live in Illinois. Is this a safe neighborhood to live, that dude with the hockey mask and giant knife doesn't look very friendly...but you know what, whatever you do in Moline, IL do NOT, I repeat do NOT Ice Skate in June. It's against the law.

This seems like something you would see on an episode of MTV Jackass..."Hi this is Johnny Knoxville and this is ice skating in Illinois in June."

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This comes to us from one of these "Weird Illinois Laws" list. Pantagraph

Although a lot of the "laws" on this list are completely outdated...don't ride your horse into town after dusk...etc There are some that will just make you scratch your head, like this one:

No Ice Skating in Moline, IL in June

Now the law ALSO includes the month of August, incase you were planning of strapping them up later this summer in Moline, IL.

O.K., so obviously you can't do this outside ANYWHERE in Illinois in the month of June (or August) but maybe there is something super shady about  indoor ice skating indoors in Moline? Was there a serial "ice skating killer" at one point in Moline? Did the mayor of Moline fall and injure his/her Medulla Amblagada in a freak ice skating accident in 1945?

Regardless of the reason there are a couple places:

  • The Rivers Edge
  • Frozen Landing Ice Skating Rink

These are indoor ice skating rinks, and open year round in Moline...."Breakin' the law, Breakin' the law..."

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