A drunk ass Milwaukee 19 year old, broke into an Airbnb to find a place to pass out. The only problem, it was filled with cops! Credit where credit is due, the cops had a LOT of fun with this and it was freakin' hilarious. KMOV

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There were officers from out of town, staying at an Airbnb in Milwaukee Wisconsin for some police training. There was noise, some banging around, and an odd dude that wasn't a cop...passed out inside the Airbnb. WTH?


“This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin loaded with cops. he woke up in handcuffs.” Deputy Charles Pesola

Out of ALL THE AIRBNBs in downtown Milwaukee, he picks the one with cops. The officers had a great sense of humor about this...and had a blast filming a TikTok video all about it!

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“What if that dude stumbled into a bed with a kid or my wife? I mean, it could have been a different morning, right? So, wrong place, wrong time [but] lucky place, lucky time, that there’s dudes that actually know how to handle that." - Deputy Charles Pesola

So instead of getting his ass kicked, he just got cuffed and embarrassed. That's the translation.



The kid was loaded. No idea where he was, how he got there, why he was there...Sounds like he had a great night. He breaks into an Airbnb and passed out.


The poor guy wasn't charged, the cops did their thing but spared him all the extra. So why do a TikTok video about it? For a really good reason:

“Cops have a hard time right now, and when they can see we’re still having fun and still real people and we’re good, it’s a good thing.” 

Drunk Student

Check out the TikTok at this link HERE

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