If you have ever been to Union Grove, Wisconsin...the ATV is a common source of transportation. You might even see a few flying around on ATV's with a PBR in hand, don't worry...IT'S LEGAL! JournalTimes

With FIFTEEN different bars to choose from in Union Grove, Wisconsin the preferred method of transportation to and from...an ATV. What in the world? There is a "small print" when it comes to being intoxicated on an ATV in Union Grove, that people are taking advantage of.


The penalties for being drunk and pulled over on an ATV, not nearly as harsh as driving a car...and it DOESN'T stay on your record! So instead of thousands in fines and court costs, you get a slap on the wrist and it doesn't count as a DUI on your driving record.

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As you can imagine, the towns folk in Union Grove are a little "weird" about all the ATV traffic on main road, especially if they've been pounding White Claws and Fireball shots (just a guess) at one of the fifteen taverns in town.

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But think about it, if you are a social drinker in Union Grove. Jump on your ATV and get your buddies together for a bar crawl. Let's say you've had too much to drink...You take your slap on the wrist and head home! OF COURSE this is super dangerous, but you're gonna avoid getting arrested and paying a tone of cash if you get pulled over.

The other "odd" law about driving an ATV in Union Grove, Wisc...Open seal is just fine! So you can get loaded, AND have a Miller Lite between your legs when you get pulled over, no problem!!!

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