What's a new iPhone going to cost you if you ran out right now to grab one, about $1000 or so, depending on the offers you look at? You could do that, or you might want to jump behind the counter at a McDonald's in Altamont, Illinois.

Before you drive a long way just to get arrested for jumping behind the counter at the Altamont McDonald's, perhaps I should have clarified things. You'll need to get a job there first. Mickey D's isn't tossing out phones to counter-jumpers.

Altamont is a town of about 2500 people located nearly 4 hours south of Rockford, between Effingham and Vandalia. The McDonald's there is having the same problem that many restaurants are having, getting workers to not only apply, but stay for a while after being hired. In this case, they're thinking 6 months should do the trick.


A spokesperson from McDonald's said in a statement the chain is working to boost recruitment numbers, though said they normally experience a slight shortage in the summer months. Various stores around the United States are offering pay incentives, referral bonuses and added perks to entice potential workers.

Speaking of those various stores, Business Insider says that a McDonald's in Tampa, Florida offered up $50 to people just for showing up to a job interview:

(The owner) said to his surprise, offering people $50 simply to come in for an interview still has not convinced many people to apply for jobs. He has found more success with referral programs, signing bonuses, and allowing people to apply via text message.

This isn't just a McDonald's problem, either:

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